Educational Events

Our education programs help further our mission to promote jazz and African-American art and history to our youth. We offer educational opportunities for students as young as pre-k all the way through high school in several engaging programs.

General Building Tour

Preserve, Promote and Present

The General Building Tour is a tour of the 1st and 2nd floors of the Love’s Jazz and Arts Center. Students will get a brief overview of all the museum’s exhibits and receive an appreciation for the achievements of Preston Love and African American Artists that had a great impact on American Music – Jazz and North Omaha Jazz.

Grade level: Grade 3 through 12
Maximum group size: 100 students
Actual tour length: 45 minutes
Total visit length: 1 hour 30 minutes

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LoveBop at the LJAC!

This program introduces pre-school through first grade to the wonderful world of Jazz!  Some of the fun activities will include:

  • Drama and voice – The common chorus
  • Basic knowledge of stage
  • Theater and stage exercises

Maximum group size: 30 students per session
Actual program length: 40 minutes
Total visit length: 1 hour

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Standing Tall

This program provides students with lessons in fundamental drama, dance/ movement and stage presentation to promote critical thinking. It also includes tips on how to use creative ability to improve self esteem.

Maximum group size: 30 students per session
Actual program length: 45 minutes
Total Visit Length: 1 hour

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We rely on support from people like you to help keep our mission of preserving and promoting African-American art and jazz alive. Help any way you can.

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